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Plan S/377, initiated by the Nature Reserves Authority, was published in effect on 9.8.1996. Its purpose, to designate an area for nature reserves, to develop services and parking lots for the reception of the public, in the north of the settlement, to create a buffer between built-up areas and the rest of the reserve area and to designate an area for a public building. The area of ​​the plan is 91 dunams.

The "Neighborhood Rehabilitation" settlement was announced, as part of the neighborhood rehabilitation project.
The neighborhood restoration project was based on three components:
1. Rehabilitation of physical infrastructures in houses and public space in the rehabilitation neighborhoods.
2. Investments in education, welfare, health and community organization.
3. Avoidance of evacuating residents from their homes and their participation in decision-making, which is not as stipulated in the Law on Construction and Evacuation of Rehabilitation Areas. The Ministry of Construction and Housing was entrusted with the centralization of the project.

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