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In an underwater survey conducted in 1995 along the coast of Jessar al-Zarqa, 6 previous assemblies were discovered (see location map):
1. A stone anchor was found and next to it a large concentration of pottery fragments from the 4th-5th centuries BCE.
2. A concentration of non-local stones was found, probably nitla stones (stones that empty ships carried in their bellies for stabilization) of a ship that was wrecked on the spot. It is possible that there are other remains of the ship and cargo under the layer of sand that covers the area.
3. Stone anchors that were used by small vessels were found near the Nitla stones.

4. A large concentration of hewn kurkar stones was found, probably part of the cargo of a ship that transported building stones.
5. An anchor and fragments of pottery from the Persian period were found, including jugs and a complete wine amphora (the amphora is a pottery vessel with two handles).
6. On the bank of the stream north of Tel Taninim, a yellow pool was distinguished in the rock with the remains of the inlet for bringing in and taking out sea water.
The above assemblages show that the area was used as an anchor for vessels in ancient times, and it is likely that the areas where assemblages 1-4 were found were used as storage for vessels against winds.

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