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Plan 353-0190348 - price for the tenant
Construction of a new residential neighborhood-Jesser al-Zarqa West
This plan details TAM 6 and the outline plan and allows for the construction of 522 new housing units in a continuous residential structure to the existing settlement while maintaining residents' access to the beach.
In addition, the plan allows for the establishment of hotel complexes along the coastal strip, a tourist trade complex east of the fishing village, which includes a combination of permanent buildings and stalls, and a commercial facade along the coastal promenade in order to increase the employment supply and thicken the economic base in the settlement. The hotel offering in the plan includes a holiday village with 115 hotel accommodation units, popular level tourism with 40 tourist accommodation units and 4 hotels with 11 to 24 hotel accommodation units above a commercial floor, along the beach promenade.


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