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Documenting the heritage stories of
Jisr al-Zarqa’s elderlies



With the aim of establishing a more positive self-image of the village in the eyes of its younger population, a sensitive and complex issue that surfaced in a meeting with the welfare representatives of Jisr’s municipality, it was decided to design a documentary project in which the stories of the town elderlies’ past and heritage will be told, emphasizing the local traditions, weddings, foods, and songs.


Over four months that were both emotionally and intellectually intensive, the project output evolved. A great deal was learned about Jisr and its residents, the area’s Palestinian history, and the complex and delicate world of making technological resources accessible to underprivileged populations.

The final product combines social media and the public space: an exhibition comprising 4-5 posters is displayed at central locations in Jisr (beach, community Center, Juha guesthouse, and more) with portraits of the elderly men and women interviewed for the project. Each poster includes a barcode, the scanning of which leads to the course website, and a 15 minute video showing the most significant moments from the interviews conducted with the town elderly.   

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