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 The artifacts presented in the online museum were collected by the residents of Jisr Hadili Shehab and Saaida Ali. The artifacts were passed down for generations of families in Jisr until they gradually became obsolete. Hadili and Saaida have collected the artifacts in order to pass their narratives and preserve the ancient traditions for future generations.

 Jarrah  الجرّة


A clay ware for storing water. Before the use of electricity, the Jarrah was used to keep the water cool during the hot summer days. The clay is what preserves the fresh taste of the water.

 ג׳ורבאל / מונח׳ול

 Jorbal تراث


A wheat strainer made of goatskin. Used to pick out wheat grains by shaking the tool and rapping it on its sides.


Mihabash   المهباش

The Mihabash is a wooden crater that was used to grind the coffee beans before cooking. With traditional songs that accompanied the rhythm of the crushing, it was customary to invite passers-by to drink coffee. The coffee-making ceremony consisted of a number of phases, at the end of which it was poured into glasses from a special kettle called Dallah. The coffee ceremony has become a social gathering for discussions about important issues of the village, and for exchanging news.



البابور او البريموس

A tool for burning oil. After turning on the burner head with fuel, the oil in the brass container at the bottom warms up with the flame and turns into gas. A small manual pump at the sides of the tank allows the gas to be injected into the head of the burner by pressure, thus creating a larger flame.


 Dallah  دلّة

A unique kettle from which coffee was poured into drinking glasses.

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