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A 470 dunam nature reserve along the banks of the Taninim river. The reserve is situated on the separating line between Jissr a-Zarqa and Maagan Michael and ends in Tel Taninim. Inside the reserve, you can find old byzantine mills, a roman dam and one of the longest aqueducts in the world!

Outdoor, Sightseeing, Historical

Taninim River Nature Reserve


Tel Taninim is a mound situated at the Taninim’s river delta, from the mound it is possible to see all the surrounding cities (Maagan Michael in the north, Jissr a-Zarqa to the east and Ceaseria to the south). In the past it was the place of the city Crocodilpolice, a hellenistic era prospering town.

Outdoor, Sightseeing, Nature

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