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Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine offers food based on local crops of countries and peoples in the Middle East. Therefore, this kitchen is diverse and homogeneous at the same time. Mediterranean cuisine includes Arab / Palestinian, Iranian / Persian, Israeli / Jewish, Kurdish, Lebanese and many more dishes. The main ingredients used for cooking in Mediterranean cuisine are vegetables, olive oil, fish, legumes, herbs and mutton.

Pausia Rashwan

20 years of baking from the heart

Already when I was little I loved the kitchen. When my mother was cooking, I would immediately stand by her side, watch and learn. Most of all I like to make sweets and cakes.

פאוזיה רשאוון

Leila Amash (Juha)

Food for me, it's love from the heart

I have been cooking for 43 years, since I was 16. I worked with my mother in the kitchen and learned from her. Even then my hobby was cooking, and I realized it was something I really like.

ליילה עמאש (ג'וחה)

Hifa Jurban

Hosts and cooks for visitors to Jisr for about 20 years

I am Hifa, a mother of seven children and a grandmother of two. I love to cook, entertain and teach others to prepare the dishes I learned with my grandmother and mother.

haifa cooking 2.jpg

Photos "Mediterranean cuisine" | Photographer: Danya Wiener

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